Helping you solve the people puzzle

Welcome to With Cadence.

We are a privately owned and certified talent acquisition and retention profiling partner who helps HR/talent managers, recruiters and SME’s save valuable time, money and resources in the hiring and employee retention process through human-centric personal consultancy.  Our bespoke data-driven rive consultancy also supports freelancers and job seekers get ahead of the competition in the CV and interview stages of a contract or job application.

We are south coast based supporting businesses and job role applicants across the UK.

We are powered by Peoplekeys; an institute of Motivational Living Affiliate; 30 years in the making with over 1 million DISC profiles completed to date. We help you solve the people puzzle by fusing the people analytics framework of DISC with our specialised one-on-one-consultancy.


The theoretical framework of DISC was developed by psychologist and creator of the polygraph and Wonder Woman, Dr William Moulton Marston. Our DISC profiling is a modern behavioural analysis system based on Dr Moulton Marston’s work. DISC measures:

DRIVE (D) How a person solves problems and responds to challenges
INFLUENCE (I) How a person attempts to influence or persuade others
STEADINESS (S) The pace at which a person responds to change
COMPLIANCE (C) How a person responds to the rules and regulations set by others