Your data protection is important to us. With Cadence do not hold any personal information on a client, candidate or company employee other than the name and email address provided to us along with any additional personal data which we have not asked for but has been provided to us voluntarily. With Cadence do not pass any client, candidate or employee data onto Peoplekeys®, Motivational Maps® or any other third party.

The Motivational Maps® system we use is provided to us by Motivational Maps® who have their own Privacy Policy which can be viewed here: https://www.motivationalmaps.com/privacy_policy.pdf

The DISC Profiling Evaluation system provided to With Cadence is hosted by PeopleKeys®, who are based in the USA. If you have any enquiries regarding your or your candidate’s or employee’s personal data, they should be directed to: compliance@peoplekeys.com

Peoplekeys® USA are the controllers of data and have their own Privacy Policy which can be viewed here: https://peoplekeys.com/policies/privacy-policy  PeopleKeys® have taken all necessary measures to ensure their personal data processing procedures are compliant for the purposes of privacy and security.