DISC Profiling is a behavioural analysis system that identifies hidden candidate and employee attributes, their nature, behaviours and challenges. The theoretical framework of DISC was developed in the 1920’s by psychologist and creator of the polygraph and Wonder Woman,  Dr William Moulton Marston. DISC profiling is a revered behavioural analysis system which measures, identifies and uncovers how a person is likely to solve problems and respond to challenges (Drive), how a person attempts to persuade others Influence), the pace at which a person responds to change (Steadiness), and how a person is likely to respond to the rules and regulations set by others (Compliance).

Where DISC uncovers the nature of a person, Motivational Maps® focuses on the nurture of a person. Our Maps:

  • Identify what a person is motivated by; what a person wants and needs at work to drive high performance
  • Measure to what extent a person’s motivators are currently being met
  • Provide practical, targeted reward strategies which, when applied, help to drive up motivation levels
  • Enable a person to set meaningful targets for their future motivation levels, have a realistic action plan and so maximise their motivation and happiness at work

Both DISC and Motivational Maps® are completed online with a straightforward questionnaire and each takes 8-12 minutes. Both provide us with thorough, detailed and insightful reports for which we shape our consultancy for you, based on your brief and candidate’s/team member’s job description. We analyse and interpret the data provided on your behalf and concisely reiterate the most valuable information back to you thus saving you time!

Our consultancy is a support method. Your hiring and talent management decisions are always your own. We are about helping you to help your people. Both DISC and Motivational Maps® are non-judgemental evaluation tools to identify a person’s unique behaviours and motivators. There is no right or wrong, pass or fail and no people-pigeon-holing. To quote the Philosopher Marcus Aurelius:

“The secret of all victory lies in the organisation of the non-obvious.”

Marcus Aurelius

We simply help you fill in those non-obvious gaps so that you can make more informed and money saving decisions for the long-term.