A very warm welcome to With Cadence.

We are a privately owned, certified, cohesive talent acquisition and retention partner that helps Talent & HR Managers save precious time, money and resources when recruiting and keeping your most valuable assets – your people.


Let’s face it, the people puzzle is a complex one! Choosing and retaining the right people for your organisation can be a bit of a minefield. We are here to support and empower your talent management decisions, helping you eliminate any hiring or retention bias by creating a more human focused and rounded overview of your candidates and existing talent. We do this by using the empirical data of DISC Profiling and Motivational Maps® to create valuable, personal, human-centric consultancy to predict how well a person may fulfil a new or existing job role. We also help you identify how well a person may fit into your company’s culture for the long-term by identifying a person’s core motivators and nature.

DISC Profiling is a behavioural analysis system that identifies hidden candidate and employee attributes, behaviours and challenges. DISC Measures how a person solves problems; influences or persuades others; how a person responds to change, rules and regulations, plus so much more.

Motivational Maps® is an evaluation and inventory of one’s self-perception which shines a light on your candidate and employee’s intrinsic drivers – the why they do what they do and how this can be effectively measured to increase their happiness, success and productivity within the workplace.

By using these wonderful tools, we can determine a candidate’s or employee’s motivators, fears and innate abilities – all of which cannot be uncovered by a CV/interview alone. Adopting a human only approach to recruitment and employee retention is no longer enough to gain a valuable, 360° view of your people’s potential. Talent management coupled with automated systems are now key drivers in business performance and longevity.

We help you fairly evaluate your candidate’s and existing talent’s potential. Everyone is unique with their own special talents and traits so we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to you or your people. Instead, we create bespoke consultancy, always remembering the human element; that people are people and not numbers. Working with us will help you make more efficient, cost effective decisions and become strategic architects of performance and culture!

Our objective is to protect you from the cost and time of making a wrong hire.


A value to us at With Cadence is more than what we appreciate. We consider a value as a belief in action and we like to practice what we preach! Because of our passion for people, we take a human-centric approach to both you and your organisation. We emulate our values of warmth, approachability whilst demonstrating expertise. Our strengths are input, intellection, harmony and empathy – we care about what you care about!