We have the pleasure of working with some lovely clients, here are a few words from them:

“Samantha’s consultative approach to behavioural talent retention in tandem with her bespoke and amazingly accurate online DISC tool is human and personable and pretty unique in the market. Her real view on how to help recruitment and HR teams find the right people that stay in an organisation is second to none and very refreshing. You get no hard sell and realistic insights that help make better decisions about people, how they synthesise within teams and how to get the best out of them.”
– Benjamin Sewell, Founder & Tech, Media & Culture Specialist at Get Flux Consulting

“DISC profiling is an integral step in our recruitment process to help paint a more holistic picture of the candidates we see, but working with Sam has made the process more effective, simpler to use and more personalised. So all in all, Sam has helped maximise the benefit of DISC for us and for our candidates.”
– Stefi Rucci, Joint Managing Director at Say Communications