I founded With Cadence because of my fascination with the nature of human beings; what makes us achieve greatness and what makes us peer confusedly into the refrigerator when we’re not even hungry! My fascination became my purpose, my divine calling if you will. I’m passionate about helping your business understand the hidden intricacies of human behaviour and motivation so that you can learn how to effectively adapt to the needs of your people; in turn, increasing their productivity which helps to drive your company’s success. I’m a qualified and licenced practitioner in both DISC and Motivational Maps®. As well as a practiced coach.

By day I’m Mapping and Disc’ing it, by night, I’m probably experimenting with baked treats or getting entangled in an aerial yoga hammock. I adore animals. I can’t go a day without learning something new or being enlightened by a TED Talk!

TOP MAP MOTIVATORS: ‘Expert’ & ‘Searcher’
DISC STYLE: Governor (ISC)
GALLUP STRENGTHS: Harmony, intellection, empathy, adaptability, input
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Otter with a dash of penguin!
FOODS I CAN LIVE WITHOUT: Anchovies, coriander
SIDE HUSTLE: Flash fiction author
OFTEN FOUND AT : A yoga class
PENCHANT FOR: Wildlife, music, crisps, sunshine
PET PEEVE: Potholes!