(2-minute insight)

In this section we are going to take an introductory look at the growth based motivators in Motivational Maps®

Creators need creativity! They are the magicians and alchemists who love to innovate and playfully experiment with their ideas – putting them into form. They are lateral, abstract thinkers and they want their name associated with the product or service. Creators break barriers by bringing into existence that which wasn’t there before because they are able to see the potential in things. Problems, challenges and ‘the new’ bring out the best in a Creator. Coming up with solutions gives Creators the opportunity to do what they do best – innovate! They tend to be optimistic and persevere in the face of adversity. Because they solve problems, Creators are motivated by opportunities to form solutions through their ideas. Taking this away will demotivate a Creator.

Theme song: ‘I’ve got a Great Idea’ – Harry Connick Jnr

A Searcher’s need is for meaning. The quest for meaning suggests that what they do is, or are, things which are valuable for their own sake. Searcher’s are less driven by financial rewards and power because for them, it’s much more about creating positive, authentic impactful contributions for which they are recognised and appreciated. Fundamentally, a Searcher seeks to make a difference to the quality of work and life through purpose and as such, will remain true to their core values. Searchers have to see what they are doing is significant in its own right, not just because it makes money or gives status. A Searcher will easily become demotivated if their work becomes paper driven, so avoid flooding their inboxes!

Theme song: ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson

A Spirit’s need is for freedom and autonomy, they seek to be independent and be able to make key decisions for themselves. Spirits tend to become easily irritated by restrictions and procedures. Taking away The Spirit’s ability to come to their own decisions and choices, for any length of time, will leave them feeling stressed. Micromanagement will unequivocally demotivate them. They much prefer to march to the beat of their own drum than that of someone else. Being given the authority to think and work in their own preferred way is highly motivating for them. The Spirit will shy away from bureaucracy and box-ticking and so tend to work best on their own. An elevated position is not as important to them as self-direction due to their entrepreneurial nature. They are happy with responsibility so long as there is no interference!

Theme song: ‘I Did it My Way’ by Frank Sinatra