(2-minute insight)

In this final section of this series, we are going to take an introductory look at the relationship based motivators in Motivational Maps®

Defenders need security and plenty of it! They need to believe that what they are doing is contributing to a solid and predictable future. Therefore, final retirement options will enter into their calculations as to what is important. When job seeking, a Defender will also be evaluating the security of the company, its size, longevity and track record. The need for security is one of the most powerful of all human needs. Defenders are risk and change adverse, so the word spontaneity does not exactly feature highly in their vocabulary. However, a Defender may well take bold moves so long as detailed calculations show the outcome has a large degree of certainty. Being given accurate information frequently is highly motivating for The Defender but springing last minute tasks on them will not be appreciated!

Theme song: ‘Security’ by Otis Reading

Friends need to feel like they belong and are driven by the people around them. They want harmonious, nourishing relationships with other people at work and to feel part of a community. For them, work needs to be collaborative rather than competitive. Friends prefer to work for an organisation with a strong identity and culture where people are valued. A Friend tends to view all proposed changes through the filter question: ‘How does that affect the people here?’ Loyalty and community are key values and they especially like to be close to people and part of a team. Even if a Friend does not like the job, they will stick with it if they like the people. A good social life in and outside of work is highly motivating for them but they will easily become demotivated if not given the opportunity to form bonds with others.

Theme song: ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge

Stars need to be recognised, admired and respected by the community at large both in and outside of work, whether it be from professional associates, colleagues or peers. They go about their work with a fervent demeanour because they love to stand out and shine. Like a Friend, a Star is not so much motivated by financial reward but by personal recognition, especially when made public. They’ll relish on a proverbial pat on the back, especially in front of others. Promotion is highly motivating for The Star because of the personal recognition it brings them and they’ll practically bite your arm off for the opportunity! Lack of appreciation of a job well done will heavily demotivate The Star.

Theme song: ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin