(2-minute insight)


Wherever I go meeting the public… spreading a message of human values, spreading a message of harmony, is the most important thing.   


S-Styles are the Steady-Eddies of your team. Stable, reliable and empathetic, the humble S-Styles are the peacekeepers within your organisation. Like an I, the S-style is people oriented but prefers to be a receptive listener rather than the verbose and chatty I-Style. Valuers of harmony, peace, and fairness, the friendly S will share a patient attitude and loyalty to those around them. They don’t like tension but they may be the one to help temper that brewing conflict over the ownership of the milk in the fridge. Got a first world problem? Dial-an S… just not too often!

*Safety and security *A harmonious environment * Recognition for their loyalty *Recognition for their reliability * Appreciation for their peacekeeping * Opportunities to help others * Recognition for personal accomplishments

*Reliable * Dependable * Cares about the team * Great listener * Calm temperament * Good at multi-tasking * Great with conflict resolution * Encourages consensus * Kind

 *Tends to oppose change * Tendency to hold grudges rather than tackling issues directly * Sensitive to criticism * Takes a while to adjust to change * Difficulty with establishing priorities * Can be a little too accommodating

MOTIVATING STATEMENT: “You’re so dependable”
GREATEST FEAR: Letting people down
MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Is there anything I can help you with?”
LEAST LIKELY TO SAY: “A last minute upheaval?! Count me in!”
THEME SONG: ‘Sweet Harmony’ by The Beloved

S-Styles need to feel comfortable with a person or group before they open-up. They value genuinity and will be an observer to ascertain a person’s sincerity. Although S-Styles show resistance to change, they will adapt, albeit slowly. When given gentle guidance and patience, the S-Style will adjust from discomfort to comfort…but only in their own time. S-Styles shy away from personal conflict but can be good at tempering conflict between others. S-Styles will get the required job done but with due care and steadiness until it is complete. Going in hammer and tong with the emphasis on needing something done in a direct, impatient manner will make an
S-Style retreat quicker than a tortoise into its shell!

FAMOUS S-STYLES: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Marge Simpson