I’ve had the pleasure of working with some lovely organisations and independent consultants. Here are a few words from some of them…

Sam is not only extremely good at what she does, but also allows you to express your thoughts in a way that makes any feedback session so valuable. There’s plenty of methodologies out there to help and assist organisations to improve their teams and I’ve seen many of these, met and worked with many of their licensed practitioners over my career but few deliver as effectively as Sam.

My Motivational Map report is extremely accurate, so useful for me to see where I am performing well and even more useful to see where there are areas for my own personal development. The real value came from Sam bringing my report to life and relating it exactly to me and what I do in my business during our time discussing my responses. Anyone who is serious about hiring, developing and retaining the right people should speak to Sam because she will definitely add huge value to your business.

Martin Baines, Director
MB Learning Solutions

I recently had a fun (and educational!) DISC profiling session with Sam. I do love a questionnaire where I get to learn more about myself, both my strengths, areas for development and my idiosyncrasies! I especially enjoyed the session because of Sam’s friendly, caring and professional approach. I think if you’re going to be talking about the results of a profiling tool that are all about you, it makes a difference to have it done by someone who is caring and objective. Sam’s insights were spot on and what really stood out for me was how she was able to share my results in a way I could understand and provide helpful insights for my personal growth. I learned that I could be more flexible and that my natural personality style is well suited to coaching! I can really see how DISC profiling can add value (and save time!) for hiring managers, recruiters and line managers. If this is you, then you definitely need to talk to Sam.

Yvonne Tajok, Leadership Coach
Cornerstone Coaching

DISC profiling is an integral step in our recruitment process to help paint a more holistic picture of the candidates we see, but working with Sam has made the process more effective, simpler to use and more personalised. So all in all, Sam has helped maximise the benefits of DISC for us and for our candidates.

Stefi Rucci, Joint Managing Director
Say Communications

Samantha’s consultative approach to talent acquisition and retention in tandem with her bespoke and amazingly accurate online DISC and Motivational Map tools are human and personable and pretty unique in the market. Her real view on how to help recruitment and HR teams find the right people that stay in an organisation is second to none and very refreshing. You get no hard sell and realistic insights that help make better decisions about people, how they synthesise within teams and how to get the best out of them.

Benjamin Sewell, Founder & Tech, Media & Culture Specialist
Get Flux Consulting

I’m thrilled to recommend Samantha for her exceptional work delivering Motivational Maps. As an entrepreneur, I had been struggling with procrastination quite badly, getting distracted and not finishing things. It was starting to feel like I was failing.

Samantha’s unique approach, including personalised motivational maps, completely transformed the way I think about myself.
Understanding more about what motivates me has helped me understand why I thrived and failed across the years, that certain things didn’t motivate me, and I lost interest. With a new project, and Samantha’s help, I delegated some work, before I got bored and binned the lot. Which means – ta-dah – it is successful!

These maps aren’t generic – they’re tailored to my specific goals, aspirations, and business obstacles. They serve as a constant reminder of my vision.

Beyond the maps, Samantha is an incredible listener and a source of unwavering support. Her deep understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and the challenges we face is truly invaluable. Her insights and guidance have been instrumental in helping me overcome roadblocks and stay motivated during setbacks.

I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha’s services to any independent business owner who is struggling to complete anything, and seeking to reignite their passion. Sam and motivational maps are a great piece of knowledge to have about yourself.

Sarah Bryer
Owner & Confidence coach at show/girl coaching

OMG! What an amazing sesh I’ve had with Samantha!
I came to see her because I’ve recently had a major career change and needed some grounding. I also knew that things have changed in me and wanted to understand how to navigate that change. Holy moly! I’ve learnt so much about myself and it all totally made sense. How I have to work independently, how I build a luxury lifestyle, how I don’t care about praise…. Honestly, having it all reflected back to me, made me realise that I’m ok, there is nothing wrong with me.

Samantha is so knowledgeable about the motivation profiles, and explained to me the difference between them which helped to really get even deeper. I just loved how Samantha let me chat away and connect the dots. She gently navigated me through different aspects of my profile and walked away absolutely buzzing.

I can see how this process is so valuable for teams. Understanding the differences between people, and helping each to lean into our natural strengths – that stuff is priceless! If you are curious about your own profile or have a team you would like to support on a much deeper level, Samantha is your girl! Go and have a chat with her.

Thank you so much Samantha!

Tash Lancaster, Business Tarot Consultant
at ContentWitch

Sam was kind enough to provide me with a Motivational Map to help with my career prospects while I went through a challenging time. I was blown away by the results. It reaffirmed I needed to change my career path. My current one no longer offered what I needed day to day. It was time for a reset and my map certainly helped me discover more about myself and what job roles best suited me.

G. Thomas
Freelance PR Consultant