Are you feeling the pain from wanting to make a right hire, first time for the long-term but your new hires are quitting within a few short weeks or months?

You’re now left with £1000’s of lost revenue in recruitment, onboarding, training and a large dent in your time and resources.


On average, it takes 28 days and costs £3000 to hire a new employee (Source: Glassdoor). A wrong hire at a salary of £42,000 can cost a business in excess of £132,000 (Source: REC)

How would it feel to get that time back and start saving money?

Wrong hires can happen for a number of reasons:

» Too much focus on a candidate’s skills and experience and not enough on their less determinable attributes such as their motivations, working style and natural behaviours.

» You’re stuck in outdated hiring processes and relying solely on a job description and CV to shape your interviews. Subsequently, you’re not getting the candidate insights you need to see if they’re truly right for your organisation.

» Your new hire’s actions and attitudes are not matching up to what was represented during their interview.

» You’ve needed to fulfil a role quickly but have hired ‘may fit the bill’ instead of someone who could really make a difference to your company.

How do you start making a right-first-time hire for the long-term?

I’ll help you reduce your cost-to-hire and streamline your interviews by creating you a 4-page, simplified candidate profile by summarising the most relevant data from your candidate’s DISC and Motivational Map profiles.

This will showcase their hidden attributes, working style, potential, strengths, challenges and intrinsic drivers. These attributes cannot be uncovered by a CV and interview alone.

Instead of risking a costly wrong hire, you can use your candidate profile to make informed hiring decisions. You’ll have accurate and tangible data to help you evaluate each candidate fairly without hiring biases.

No seemingly endless profiles for you to waste time reading and interpreting because I will do all of that for you. Time is a precious commodity for you and your candidates. For this reason, the online DISC and Motivational Maps questionnaires should only take your candidates around 20 minutes in total to complete.

In addition to their profile, you’ll receive a set of tailored interview questions. These are based on the job description and your key requirements. Each set relates to the candidate as person not a number.

For £595 per candidate, you can start transforming how you hire right first time and implement a retention strategy, for the long-term, in 8 weeks.

£595 – includes:
> 5-page candidate profile.
> Set of tailored interview questions.
> Full candidate Motivational Map Profile.
> Full candidate DISC Profile.

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