DISC is a revered behavioural profiling model which identifies a person’s hidden qualities, focusing on their strengths, limitations, and communication preferences. Furthermore, it sheds light on how people’s styles of communication interact. The model is particularly beneficial for defining a person’s approach to leadership, collaboration and for helping resolve conflict within teams.

The theoretical framework of DISC was developed in the 1920’s by psychologist and creator of the polygraph and Wonder Woman, Dr William Moulton Marston.

DISC is an acronym for the four personality styles which make up the model of human behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

Human behaviour is a complex mix of predictability and intricacy. We are multifaceted beings, therefore, most people are a blend of the four styles of behaviour. Whilst it’s uncommon for a person to be solely dominant in just one style, it’s not impossible.

The model identifies a person’s primary, secondary, tertiary and low intensity personality style and how their unique blend influences their:

  • Everyday actions
  • Personal preferences within different environments
  • Communication with others
  • Approach to people & tasks
  • Adaptability to change
  • Response to conflict
  • Approach to leading, influencing and persuading others

And more…

Finally, like Motivational Maps, DISC profiling is not about judgement or pigeon-holing people, nor is it a test because there’s no right or wrong, or pass or fail. Profile evaluations are purely a prediction of a person’s natural behaviours. Unquestionably, all styles have valuable qualities to bring to your team. By integrating DISC in your hiring process you can minimise the risk of a wrong hire because you will have accurate, human-centric data to help inform your decisions. Furthermore, it can help prevent hiring biases.

“DISC profiling is a core element to Say’s recruitment process and we find Sam’s DISC system insightful, purposeful and highly useful in selecting the right people to join our communications team. Sam produces the reports we need with professional efficiency whilst taking care to maintain a personal approach in our working relationship.

Louise Stewart-Muir, Joint MD, Say Communications


DISC begins with a straightforward online questionnaire and will only take each person 8-10 minutes to complete. Each profile is carefully reviewed before being shared with you. Due to the complexities of human nature, an individual’s profile is best used as a supplement to your hiring process, specifically to help you identify a person’s potential and to help generate ideas for your interview questions.


DISC: Full 18-page profile with a guide for how and how not to use DISC
£95 per person

DISC PLUS: Full 18-page profile along with additional feedback which can either be sent to you via email or delivered through a 30-minute video call. Whichever option suits you best.
£145 per person

For a deeper dive, see: Ways DISC can help you recruit top talent.

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