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People with a Compliant personality style (high C-Style) in DISC are analytical, precise and very handy with a Soduko puzzle!

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

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Compliance isn’t to be thought of in terms of being a pushover, High C-Styles just happen to appreciate rules and regulations. They are the analytical thinkers within the realm of DISC. Accordingly, they’re naturally conscientious, precise and pay great attention to detail. Like the D-Style, they are task-oriented but they work at a more moderate pace than the dynamic D-Style.

The Compliant personality style is on the skeptical side. Oftentimes though, this is simply a practice of healthy caution because they have an ability to see what many others do not. Their need for accuracy can lead them to being challenging if they feel someone has not considered all the possibilities and finer points. The C-Style is the person who dots the I’s and crosses the T’s. Whilst naturally analytical, the C-Style can also be highly creative, especially when it comes to problem solving.


  • Opportunities to gain knowledge
  • Logic and thinking
  • A controlled and organised environment
  • Tasks and projects
  • Clear parameters – so long as they are set sufficiently
  • Accuracy and fine attention to detail
  • Procedure and routine


  • Conscientious and instinctive
  • Even tempered
  • Committed and subsequently, will see projects through
  • Good problem solvers because of their pragmatic approach
  • Can offer a fresh perspective
  • Well organised because they like to be prepared
  • Effective at trouble-shooting


  • May have trouble verbally expressing themselves
  • Can get too caught up in the detail
  • Finds it difficult to see the big picture
  • Can be perfectionististic
  • Fears criticism without validation
  • Has trouble delegating tasks

MOTIVATING STATEMENT: “You ensure we do it right!”
MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Good idea but we need to consider x,y,z first”
LEAST LIKELY TO SAY: “Don’t worry about details, we can wing it!”
GREATEST FEAR: Being wrong
THEME SONG: ‘Take Your Time (Do it Right)’ by SOS Band

If you want a task done thoroughly then the Compliant personality style is your hero of the hour. Furthermore, it will be done to the enth degree because a C-Style regards accuracy and quality with verve.

Like the S-Style, a Complaint personality style is more introverted and prefers autonomy. They excel when given the time and space to work their analytical magic. However, this can come at the price of isolating themselves from others. When delivering criticism, C-Styles need tact and diplomacy. No matter how well-intended or constructive it is, C‘s are proud creatures and fear criticism like the plague! Nothing makes a high C retreat more than if you go blundering in like an elephant in army boots.

FAMOUS C-STYLES: Albert Einstein, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Mrs Potato Head

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