Are you building your dream team but some seem to be putting ‘day’ before ‘dream’?

Team engagement and performance are dependent on the right direction, appropriate skill-sets, a favourable environment and a strong sense of motivation. In essence, nobody goes to work because of their personality. Because human nature is complex and diverse, this makes identifying, measuring and sustaining your peoples’ motivators rather challenging; At least without the appropriate tools!

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This is where Motivational Maps could be the answer to your burning question of: “How can I motivate my team and keep them engaged and productive?”

Motivational Maps are accredited by the ISO and used by hundreds of organisations. They were created by motivation expert and thought leader James Sale, drawing on the research behind Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s ‘Career Anchors’ and personality profiling tool – The Enneagram. Motivational Maps determines exactly what a person’s core motivators are and whether they’re primarily energised through relationships, achievement or growth. Acknowledging and rewarding these motivational drivers is essential for sustaining satisfaction and productivity amongst your team.

(The 9 Motivators)

Whilst some people are primarily driven by financial rewards, others may put a higher value on job security or opportunities to lead and innovate.

It’s important to understand that Motivational Maps is neither a form of psychometric testing or a personality profiling tool. It’s purely an account of a person’s self-perception. The model takes a ground-upwards instead of top-down approach to talent management by focusing on the individual. People’s needs, and their subsequent fulfilment of them, play a pivotal role in organisational performance, culture and overall employee experience.

Highly engaged teams increase business profitability by 21%

Gallup study


  • Identify what your people really need at work to drive and maintain high performance.
  • Measure to what extent a person’s motivators are currently being met.
  • Provide practical, targeted reward strategies which, when applied, help to drive up your team’s motivation levels.
  • Give you ideas to create individual and team incentives. This is particularly effective for people in sales roles.
  • Enable a person to set meaningful targets and set a realistic action plan which will optimise their engagement and happiness at work.
  • Help you assign new or develop current job roles according to a person’s core motivators.
  • Assist career development and promotion decisions by identifying a person’s compatibility with the structure of the role.
  • Reduce absenteeism and stress levels.
  • Improve team retention for the long-term.
  • Help you select the most suitably aligned candidate for the role.
  • Support your onboarding process when used alongside suggested reward strategies to satisfy each person’s core motivators.
  • Make the invisible…visible!


Gathering essential information on the needs of your team and candidates shouldn’t be a time-consuming task for you or them. That’s why Motivational Maps tool simplifies the process without compromising on accuracy.

Starting with a straightforward online questionnaire, individuals can complete their map in just 12-15 minutes.  The tool automatically analyses their responses and produces clear and easy-to-understand motivational profiles. These unveil each person’s key motivators as well as their current level of motivation. Each Motivational Map provides you with actionable guidance on how to increase their motivation levels, furthermore, where it matters! 

Like DISC, Motivational Maps are not a test or judgement of people’s character because there are no right or wrong motivators, only differences.

95% of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found the information in their personalised report useful.



MOTIVATIONAL MAPS FOR TEAMS: Full 14-page Motivational Map profile plus tailored reward strategies to help you fulfil your people’s core motivators.
From £135 per person.

Delivery of Motivational Maps to you and your team is dependent on your needs and location, get in touch for more information and to arrange a quotation.

Maps will give you clarity on what truly drives you in creating the impact and rewards you want to achieve for your business and clients.

Full 14-page profile and 60-minute feedback session plus your personalised aftercare and reward summary.

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