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People who have achievement-led motivations featuring dominantly in the top three on their Motivational Map, are driven by the need to succeed. Whether the outcome is financial reward, influence, mastery or all three, achievement is equated to recognition for performance. Let’s take a closer look at the three drivers in this area and what energises people with achievement motivators.


Directors need power and influence, they are self-confident and prefer to be in charge. A Director isn’t necessarily the head honcho, but they do thrive on taking ownership of and influencing people, projects and resources within their environment. How Directors hold that ownership or influence varies, but to feel motivated in their role, they need authority to really flourish.

Directors like to make critical decisions about how things are done within the organisation. Power and influence are strong drivers, therefore Directors are often drawn towards management and leadership career structures. This is where they get to illustrate their natural leadership qualities to help them shine.

Directors are action and outcome assertors, this means they get stuff done. Furthermore, they will co-ordinate with great clarity about how to do so. Responsibility and opportunities to lead are highly motivating for a Director, just don’t cut off their influence or resources otherwise they’ll feel devalued.

Focuses on: Co-ordinating others to achieve outcomes.
Likes you to: Set clear objectives but also get to the point.
Motivating statement: “You’re in charge”
Demotivating statement:“We’re delegating some of your responsibilities to other people”

Theme song: ‘I Wanna be The Leader’ by The Marcels


A Builder’s need is for material satisfactions and a high standard of living. They’re driven by financial rewards and this is self-validating for them because they feel like they’re ‘winning at life.’ It’s a Brucie-bonus if other people also acknowledge their successes.

Builders tend to compare themselves with what others have got and want even better. They make decisions which are geared towards achieving more material success. For a Builder, money is a driving energy, and in its extreme form, becomes the pursuit of wealth.

A pay rise, bonus or performance related pay will keep a Builder motivated at work. Additionally, promotional opportunities are also highly motivating but only if they lead to more financial rewards. Builders may stay in a job they don’t particularly enjoy so long as the job satisfies their financial ambitions. However, forget to pay or incentivise them and they may seek a career elsewhere.

Focuses on: Ensuring their career meets their financial aspirations.
Likes you to: Set clear goals and targets.
Motivating statement: “Good news, we’re increasing your bonus”
Demotivating statement: “We’re no longer offering financial incentives”

Theme song: ‘’For the Love of Money’ by The O’Jays


Experts need proficiency and mastery of a subject in order to thrive. They are not driven by power or money, but by knowledge and they have a deep care for it. They will imbue this within their work because it gives them inner satisfaction to do so.

For an Expert to feel as though they have not performed well because of an inadequacy within themselves, would be a harsh form of self-punishment thus causing them some embarrassment. Experts actively seek opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the specialised fields in which they operate and, accordingly, training opportunities are highly motivating for them.

Experts love to be revered as the wise sage of their profession however, don’t challenge their knowledge unless you can be certain you’re correct!

Focuses on: Consistently extending their knowledge.
Likes you to: Help them realise their own potential.
Motivating statement: “You’re so knowledgable”
Demotivating statement: “Are you sure that’s right?”

THEME SONG: ‘Knowledge is Power’ by The Ethiopians

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