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People with a Dominant personality style (high D-Style) in DISC are direct, they think on their feet and focus on outcomes rather than processes.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.  

alexander the great

At first glance, the Dominant personality style may sound off-putting because it can conjure up the idea of an overbearing control-freak. This is not the case though. Lets look at the high D-Style more in terms of being direct and decisive rather than dominant.

D-Styles are proactive, much preferring to be at the helm rather than a passenger along for the ride. They are troubleshooters, autocratic decision makers who are confident in their abilities. Furthermore, D-Styles are goal oriented because they see the big picture.


  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Recognition and reward
  • Appreciation for effort
  • Challenges
  • Change and growth
  • Taking action and seeing tangible results
  • Personal freedom away from governing control


  • Natural leaders
  • Great organisers with good time-management skills
  • Confident and determined
  • Proactive in a crisis and works well under pressure
  • Accepts new challenges without fearing them
  • Pragmatic problem solvers who also offer innovative ideas


  • Can be blunt or seemingly insensitive
  • Can err on the impatient side, especially if overwhelmed by detail
  • Likely to lack compassion or sensitivity
  • Can be closed off to detail
  • May appear intimidating to some people due to their directness
  • Doesn’t always readily listen to the opinions of others

MOTIVATING STATEMENT: “You’re in charge”
MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “I say we take this approach”
LEAST LIKELY TO SAY: “I need more information and a consensus”
GREATEST FEAR: Being taken advantage of
THEME SONG: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

D-Styles prefer information is kept to the bare minimum because they have little time for ‘waffle‘ and copious amounts of detail. They are task focused, logical thinkers who prefer to concern themselves with the what and where as opposed to the details of how and why.

Finally, the Dominant personality style is primarily active and business/task focused rather than the more people-centric I-style. They have little time for negativity. D-Styles are not unsocial creatures but they do like you to get to the point!

FAMOUS D-STYLES: Simon Cowell, Judge Judy, Buzz Lightyear

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