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People with an Influential personality style (high I-Style) in DISC are enthusiastic, persuasive and know how to work a room!

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.

Salvador dali

The I-Styles are the social butterflies of the DISC world (not to be confused with the works of Terry Pratchett!) Influential personality styles are upbeat, positive, charming and can network better than National Rail (which, frankly, is not difficult). They are the people’s people because they just love to be around others. The I-Style is as fast-paced and dynamic as the D-Style and, like the S-Style, appreciates teamwork.

They will enthusiastically wax lyrical about anything and everything because, as extroverts, this is energising for them.


  • Recognition and praise
  • Talking and presenting
  • Rapport building
  • Teamwork/collaborating
  • Creativity and fun
  • Appreciation for a job well-done


  • Motivates others and offers encouragement
  • Positivity, has a sense of fun and humour
  • Productive
  • Will keep the peace
  • Bonds well with others
  • Intuitive and persuasive


  • Can lack organisational skills
  • Not a fan of detail and may overlook it
  • Prefers to talk more than listen
  • More concerned with people than tasks
  • Can be emotional
  • Tendency to be impulsive

MOTIVATING STATEMENT: “You’re the greatest!”
MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Here’s a fun exercise in brainstorming ideas!”
LEAST LIKELY TO SAY: “I need more paperwork and routine”
GREATEST FEAR: Loss of popularity
THEME SONG: ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina & the Waves

Finally, I-Styles thrive on freedom because they don’t like feeling controlled. They love to work in a fun, social environment with a platform to freely express themselves. The Influential personality style greatly fears rejection or being belittled by others. Their insecurities will come out if you rain on their sunny parade so don’t risk being the victim of the pointy end of their umbrella! Naturally creative, The I-Style brims over with ideas and will passionately tell anyone (still listening) about them.

FAMOUS I STYLES: Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Donkey from Shrek

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